Forum Madness

Ok, thats it.  I’ve had two users with password issues with the TRC Forum in two days, and it gave me an insane run around while trying to login as admin.  Its getting an upgrade.  I was hoping to hold this off until my big TRC overhaul (that is slowly in the works), but I guess it can’t wait.  Hopefully this update will fix things.

One Response to Forum Madness

  1. All of a sudden the registrations ceased and I thought you had put in a security code thing-a-ma-jig that robots couldn’t read and spammers wouldn’t bother with.
    Got the same fuss logging in/logging out to post news stuff yesterday or Monday.
    I couldn’t log in as admin either.
    I just deleted a picture from my Facebook album that I don’t believe I ever placed there which is annoying.
    BTW it’s icy up this way too !