Political Rant

I just read an article on the Bangor Daily News: Lack of interest kills bill to allow private prisons in Maine.  It has me kind of irritated.  You see, for the last few years, the Town of Milo has been talking about building a private prison in the empty business park in town.  The whole concept had its high and low points.  Thats not the basis of my rant here.

Governor LePage, in his campaign, promised Milo he would get us that prison built.  He was supposed to make sure the legislation and what-not passed.  Obviously, he hasn’t.  Can anyone give me one good example of something good he actually has accomplished??  Just goes to show that politicians never follow through on crap.  And LePage is the poster-boy for politicians.  When he first started running for office, every time I saw his picture all I could think of was a stereo-typical political cartoon of a corrupt politician.  That’s what he looks like!  Seriously.  I’m not the only one who sees this.

Anyways, I just think its ridiculous about the private prison.  That poor business park is never going to get anything built in it.