I need a new phone.

I’m fed up with my phone.  I’ve decided to list out my reasons why.

  • The volume up key doesn’t work
  • The spacebar doesn’t work
  • The keyboard backlight stopped working
  • The backlight for the menu buttons stopped working
  • The battery cover doesn’t latch properly anymore
  • Sometimes when I receive a call, the phone locks up for no reason
  • Sometimes when I answer a call, it never stops ringing

WTF.  Now that I’ve written this all out, the backlights have started working sporadically.  I’m ready to throw this thing in the ocean.

I’ve started window shopping for a new phone.  I’m due for a new one at the beginning of February, so its ALMOST time.  Problem is, the two that have caught my eye aren’t even out yet hahah.  Awhile back, I started looking at the Motorola Droid RAZR.  It was pretty shiny. Then they announced the new phones 🙂  The Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX looks very sexy.  Its just like the other Droid RAZR, but it has an ungodly battery life!  21 hours of straight talk time, like 138 hours of standby.  Thats unheard of!  BUT, its only a touch screen, has no real keyboard.  I like my real keyboard.

Thats why the other new phone caught my eye.  The Motorola Droid 4.  I have the Droid 1 haha.  Its got a real keyboard, and all the reviews say its the keyboard all other smartphone keyboards will aspire to be like.  I think that speaks highly of it.  And its  a dual core, fancy fancy shiny new phone.  I’m pretty sure the Droid 4 is what I want.  Now they just need to release it!!  Best I can find is February 2nd.  I hope my phone can make it till then….