Step One: Complete

Huzzah!  I have managed to invent a method to use the NEW forums for my TRC Admin Logins.  This is very important, as I don’t want to operate a separate login system.  Downside is I need to recode a bit of stuff.  I can’t do it by username like I had before, I have to use the user ID number.  Blah.

Now I’m onto Stage #2.  Researching what I’ll need to do to continue having the photo album linked to the forums.  Again, multiple logins drive me nuts.  I like having everything the same.  I believe I can do it.  BUT, in this process, I realized the Photo Album is several versions behind, and could really use an upgrade.  Not sure how intense that will be yet, or if i’m going to bother.  The photo albums have been giving issues lately as well I hear.  I may just shut them down for a bit, and get to fixing it later, as I’ve done with the Forums 😛

More to come.  Break time.