Just wanted to update everyone on how I’m doing.  I got the Admin logins working off the new forums.  I still have a long way to go though.  The forums are locked down, so don’t even try registering for a new account yet.  It’ll be a few more days.  I still have some tweeks, updates, and bugs to work out.

On a side note, I also need to do something with the TRC Photo Album.  Its logins were synced with the old forums, but luckily, I should be able to sync them the same way with the new forums.  Ran into one downside though: the photo album is several versions outdated.  I need to work on upgrading it first, then attaching it.  For the time being, I’ve simply locked down the photo album.  Everything is still there, but logins are messed up right now, and I don’t want anything worse to happen to it.

There will be a big announcement on the TRC Homepage when everything is back up and running.  For now, keep watching here for more updates!