Website Virus: 1, Seth: 1

I spent several hours tonight weeding through sub-directories and removing tagged infected files.  It was mind-numbing…  I uploaded fresh copies of everything.  And I mean EVERYTHING.  But as far as I can tell, things are under control now.  I changed our ftp passwords as well, so that should help.  I just now realized that MAY have screwed up our webcam uploads… CRAP I need to look at that.

Ok, fixed the Schoodic Cam, and apparently the Brownville Cam didn’t need fixing.  I’m a little perplexed by that.  Disturbed you might say.  But I can’t really look into it, as my remote access is still broken.  (Jef, if you’re reading this, email me!!)

One other thing I discovered, is that our Counter was broken.  That was the Warning line people may have been seeing at the bottom of the window.  I’ve disabled it for now.  I don’t think I can fix it 🙁  It was connected to an analytics program I was using, but it broke (possibly due to the hack).  I had to do a fresh install of the thing, which lost our past data.  So being that I can’t remember what number we were at…. We’re just gonna go without the counter.

Night everybody!