Progress goes Boink

So far, so good.  Its not live yet, but I figured I’d let people get a peak.  I’m working to integrate the Milo Library website more into TRC.  The WordPress site we have for them is pretty spiffy, but it doesn’t really get used for all that it can do.  This will be a much simpler method of doing things.

The biggest change involved here is that I’ve set it up so news stories can be assigned to organizations (so far only the Milo Library).  I’m going to be expanding this to just about all of our organization websites.  Its a much simpler way for them to get out updates that don’t require me to do anything.  It can all be done right online, and very easily!

I’m also toying with adding CKEditor to some, if not all, of the submission forms.  This allows for much more detail than just a simple text field.

More to come later…