Minecraft World Alpha

 I decided to create a new album of the various locations in my Minecraft world.  For starters, I need a better name.  I've  just been calling it Alpha. Any suggestions? 

Full Photo Album

Denbarian Empire
Denbar is my largest location.   It grew from just a castle, to a city, and on to several other locations. It is ruled by the High King from Cair Denbar.
Pictured below:
City of Denbar, Cair Denbar, The Deep
The Deep, Haven Village, Woodbluff
[pe2-gallery ] 2012-10-09_22.38.51.jpg2012-10-09_22.39.09.jpg2012-10-09_22.41.37.jpg2012-10-09_22.42.15.jpg2012-10-09_22.44.51.jpg2012-10-09_22.47.21.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

The Great Desert
The Great Desert is obviously a large desert.  Its capital is a sandstone city, ruled by a corrupt Desert Sultan.
Pictured below: Agrazahn & The Great Pyramid, Agrazahn, Port Harbor

[pe2-gallery class="alignleft" ] 2012-10-09_22.53.59.jpg2012-10-09_22.56.49.jpg2012-10-09_22.58.22.jpg[/pe2-gallery]






Kingdom of Westvale
Westvale is my westernmost location.  Its capital city is Graycleft, and it's built straight down into a ravine. Westvale is ruled by the King of the West from Graycleft Keep.
Pictured below: Graycleft, Royal Square, Graycleft built into the ravine

[pe2-gallery class="alignleft" ] 2012-10-09_23.03.50.jpg2012-10-09_23.04.01.jpg2012-10-09_23.04.13.jpg[/pe2-gallery]






The Dreadfort
I built this fortress on a tall sand & stone mountain in the middle of a desert.

[pe2-gallery class="alignleft" ] 2012-10-09_22.50.52.jpg2012-10-09_22.51.15.jpg2012-10-09_22.51.31.jpg[/pe2-gallery]