Why Seth didn’t get to vote this year

I did not get to vote this year.  And I’m quite angry about it.  I went to register to vote.  Well, a piece of mail with my address on it isn’t good enough.  Because I have a PO Box, and no physical address.  I need a document with my physical address on it.  The ONLY such document I have, is my lease.  I just spent 20 minutes tearing my apartment apart, and I CANT FIND THE FUCKING THING.

Anyways.  I’m quite pissed off.  Not at anyone or anything in particular, just in general. Stupid lack of a goddamn address….

One Response to Why Seth didn’t get to vote this year

  1. I eventually found my Lease in my glovebox. I remember I needed it when I registered my Car!!! I VOTED!!!!