Damage Report

I finally sat down and did a damage assessment on my Minecraft World.  A few weeks ago, Craig came to visit and wanted to wreak some havoc in my world.  I had him backup the save file, but apparently we backed up an outdated version (minecraft changed how it stored its save files).  So I'm stuck with the madness he caused in my world.

I'm going to try to work it in.  Pass it off as some kind of natural disaster, or an evil attack, or I really don't know.  Luckily, he partially destroyed my least-favorite location, the tree city.  The city was set on fire, half burned, and then had lava dumped all over the place.  Craig did try to fix it, he put water on top of all the lava. So now I think I've got lots of giant stone pillars…  I think I'm just gonna turn the city into some form of ruins.

The only other obvious thing I've found that he did was a massive crater along my road.  Not sure what to do with that.. I think filling it in will take FAR too long.

Here are pictures of the two places 🙂


7 Responses to Damage Report

  1. Just so Craig reads this, I’m tagging him 😀

  2. the crater? But see, the river is flowing into it. I at least gotta build some kinda retaining wall lol

  3. i wasn’t able to see it as well on my phone, i thought the road pased right over the crater

  4. right around the edge. just a little part of it got blown up

  5. I tried to be nice and leave the road alone, that much TNT…eh collateral damage. As for the tree city, it was awesome, now its epic, and the path to destruction was time consuming and demanding haha