Windows Dilemma

We’ve run into an interesting dilemma at work.  We have a brand new laptop with Windows 8, that we need to install an SSD hard drive in, and then reload the current Windows 8 license onto.  And we actually aren’t sure how to go about this…  The laptop has no optical drive and didn’t come with install media of any sort other than a recovery partition (i imagine).  The most confusing part is that there is no License Key on the machine.

I guess we’re going to try to retrieve the current license key using some program.  Then we just need to find a usb version of the install media to use.  Unless anyone has some bright insights for me 🙂

One Response to Windows Dilemma

  1. knowing windows they went straight SLIP, so its probably intergrated into the bios, so look into it from that angle, especially if it came preinstalled with windows 8