Here we go again

Web Viruses: 3, Seth: 0

I seem to be losing this battle.  TRC has been struck, yet again, by a damned web virus.  This time it seems to be something called Bitcoin.  Its some kinda money scam.  I’m too irritated to care right now.  Its going to be a ridiculous amount of work to fix this stupid mess. There’s no automated removal script this time around, so I need to re-upload practically the entire website.  I’ve taken the entire thing down for now.  I don’t have time to do this crap!

And then, to top off my mood, I got an email from TRC’s form practically demanding that I get the webcams fixed.  Also said we should find someone who know’s what they’re doing.  That ticked me right off.  I’m an unpaid VOLUNTEER.  People should be damned grateful for the stuff I do, not make flipping demands of me!

Anyways.  I’m once again debating just shutting TRC down and not giving two shits anymore.  That is all.