Recent TV Shows & More

I’ve been on a TV binge.  Which honestly, is pretty standard for me. I pick a series, and I watch it from beginning to end.  Its really a bad habit.  I’ve watched quite a few shows lately!

This show is awesome!  The crazy shit just never stops happening.  I can’t get enough!  This show should win awards. The family is so dysfunctional, yet entirely functional, it just makes you wanna watch more.

Breaking Bad
Multiple people kept telling me I had to watch this show, over and over again. I finally broke down and watched, and I really like it!  Now I’m just sad that its the final season this summer.  My favorite character in this show is Saul Goodman.  He’s the perfect shady lawyer a “criminal” lawyer.  He’s the type of lawyer everyone needs!

Monica got me hooked on this show.  I always liked David Duchovny in X-Files, so I had to give it a try.  Its pretty damn good!  But holy crap, the sex.  SOOO much sex in this show.  Its too much at times.  Also, it just simply isn’t that possible to pickup women THAT easily.

In other media related news, I broke down and got Hulu Plus.  Holy. Crap. The tv shows.  Its intense.  But on the plus side, they have 163 episodes of Rocky & Bullwinkle.  😀