Daily Recap – 4/1

Welcome to your Daily Recap, with your host Seth.  I’m making another stab at using my blog more, hopefully writing something in here every day. Yes, go ahead, laugh.  I know it won’t last either.

I got very mad at Minecraft today.  Apparently after the 1.5 update, all my redstone creations stopped working.  I spent this evening going around and updating them all. Went pretty well until I got to my big 3×3 opening door.  I applied the “fix”, and it went into an epileptic seizure.  I tried to undo the fix, but it was broken even worse. Had to tear it down and rebuild it from scratch. On the upside, the new model takes up ALOT less space!

I also realized that this weekend marks the one-year anniversary of my “world” in Minecraft.  I’m hoping to get some new pictures taken of everything, maybe even some before and after shots 🙂  First, I need to finish my current project, which is turning out to be a nice looking city.

In other news, I started scanning Town Criers from 1976.  I’m putting my best foot forward and trying to be more productive with my life, and right now that means getting caught up on Town Criers.  Eventually I’ll start planning out my major TRC upgrade.  But thats a story for another day.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot!  Nobody got me with any April Fools today!  I was kinda disappointed hahaha.