The State of Seth

Ok, time for some updates.  Buckle your seatbelts, its been awhile.

New Truck
The transmission in my car started to go a few weeks back, just as I paid off my car loan.  So I went looking for a new vehicle.  I ended up with a 2006 Toyota Tacoma!  I missed having a truck so bad.  And its even a manual transmission!

My new Truck!
My new Truck!

I’m been trying to play less Minecraft lately.  I need a break, but I’ve discovered going cold-turkey doesn’t work so well. Gotta ween myself off of it.  I did a bunch of interior overhauls on my main castle.  Some of the sections I disliked, and others I had never properly finished or furnished.  It is all furnished now, and I finally completed the levels I had barely carved out (the thing goes quite deep into the mountain).  I’m quite proud of it 🙂 I should take some pictures just of the inside of the castle and show it off.

I really need to get back on the ball here.  (its one of the reasons I’m trying to ween off Minecraft) I have far too many projects that need looking into, two webcams that need to get replaced somehow, a website that needs some serious overhauls, and a kool-aid bowl that needs filling (inside joke with Izzy, don’t ask).  I just need to get my mind wrapped around all of this.

Town Criers
I have seriously fallen behind on Town Criers, and I want to apologize.  It just gets so tedious after awhile, and I get distracted by other things.  Like shiny new trucks.

Ok, its too late, I need to go to bed.