Genealogy Dilemma

I really wanna get back into researching some family genealogy, but I’ve got an issue.  I’ve been doing all my work using which uses a system called PHPGEDView.  But, its getting quite outdated.  It hasn’t been updated in several years now.  So, I’m debating what I should be doing.

I want my work to be available for the whole family, and have the ability for everyone else to work on, which makes online the ideal option. I’m just not sure how to do it anymore. looks great, but I’m not about to pay $23 a month to use it, and then I don’t think I can share it with family members unless they pay for an account.

Pretty much all the online systems are pay-only.  The only other real options are to do it locally on my computer, or keep on keepin on with the website deal.

Anyone got an opinion? suggestion? comment?

3 Responses to Genealogy Dilemma

  1. Avatar Tasha R.
    Tasha R. says:

    Last I knew, still has a free version you can download. I used it a bit a few years ago when doing some family charts. It caps each tree that you make to 200 people, but it has some pretty cool functions when it comes to printing. You can have the online family tree accessible to the public or by password, if I remember correctly.

  2. I would continue on using the deprecated software as long as it works and does what you want it to do.

  3. Avatar Glenda Raymond
    Glenda Raymond says:

    I agree with Joe. Thanks for all the work you’ve done! See you at the reunion on July 27th in Patten.