Operation: Modernize

It has begun.  My long awaited overhaul/modernization of TRC is slowly getting underway. I have dubbed this Operation: Modernize, as the main point of this project is to bring the beast that is the TRC website out of the dark ages.  The site actually turns 17 this year, which is kind of insane when you really think about it.  Originally it was designed in HTML, then upgraded to PHP years later.  

My new plan is to convert the site entirely to Drupal. Using a system like this should improve the issues we've been having with viruses and the like over the past year.  I'm tired of combating them, and its obviously an uphill loosing battle.  Drupal will strengthen the security of the site, and allow us greater control over access to updating things.  

It will be a long process, but I have started working on it.  The ball is rolling!!