T-Minus 9 Days

Today was gorgeous!  I spent the afternoon at the beach soaking in some sun, and hopefully not getting burned (jury is still out). I also ran a very successful live streaming webcam test.  I'm planning to run a live stream of the Black Fly Festival in Milo next weekend, and I found a newer, simpler way to do it. In the past, we had this complex port-forwarding program we used. I hated it.  My new method uses Google+'s "Hangout on Air" feature, which will automatically stream the Hangout onto YouTube.  This has to be the simplest way to share a stream to anyone, anywhere. YouTube is pretty universal 🙂  I got some great feedback on my test run, and it turned out pretty good.  We're all set to go for next weekend 🙂 I then spent the rest of the day preparing a project for TRC, which I will discuss in more detail in my next post.