Annoying Dilemma

Whilst digging through my genealogy crap, I realized like 2-3 years ago I made a big breakthrough, connecting Frederick Barden back to a line of other Bardens, starting with his supposed father Stephen Barden.  Well, I forgot to make any reference of WHERE I found that tidbit of information.  I know I wouldn't have entered all that crap in if I wasn't at least pretty sure it was a real connection.  But now, I can't remember…  And its been driving me crazy for like 3 hours now.  I've scoured the internet and given myself a headache.  Its just bugging me that I can't even find a slight hint of the connection.  As far as the internet and history are concerned, Frederick Barden walked into Dover, Massachusetts out of nowhere, with no family.  But SOMEWHERE I found the name Stephen connected, and the dates / ages lined up.  Once upon a time.

Sigh, that is all for now.  Back to uploading Google Map Data.