Genealogical Progress Goes Boink

I've finally gotten myself into a grove of working on some Genealogy stuff.  No actual research just yet, but I'm doing some major overhauls on my family genealogy webpage.  The old software I was using was severely outdated, so I've upgraded to a new software called Webtrees.  Its based on the system I was using, so its very similar, just not as outdated.  

Today I'm working on finally getting the Google Maps portion of this thing to work.  I could never get it figured out before, but I got it working on the new system.  Just requires me to upload a ridiculous amount of CSV data files to give it coordinates and whatnot.  The end result will be that any properly entered location will have a corresponding map marker!

The key issue is I need to get everyone who enters information here to use the standard layout for place names.  All of the US will be entered when I'm done, so its important!  The layout is "Town, County, State, Country".  For instance, Milo would be listed as "Milo, Piscataquis, Maine, USA". (I chose USA instead of United States of America simply cuz its much shorter.) If anyone has questions about place names, let me know!