Happy Father’s Day!

Today was quite productive.  Went to Milo to see my parents, as today was Father's Day and yesterday was my Mom's Birthday.  On the way, I was requested to pick up an ice cream cake in Bangor.  The shenanigans I went through… Let me tell you.  To start out, Dairy Queen wasn't open.  I have no idea why, they just weren't open.  I had to go to Walmart for other things, so I looked there next.  No ice cream cakes.  Then I remembered there being a Baskin Robins in with the Dunkin Donuts on Hogan Road at one point.  Apparently I was dreaming, or that was eons ago.  Last stop was Gifford's, which I knew would be open.  Well I got there. I stood in line for 10 minutes.  They had one cake left, but it was going to take 15 minutes to put the icing on.  In the end, I got a cake.  It was apparently the only ice cream cake in Bangor.

I got Dad the new Die Hard movie, as he's a Bruce Willis nut, and I got Mom some solar-powered lights to go outside her new camper 🙂  I also inherited a shiny new-ish printer, as they upgraded to one with AirPrint, so Mom's iPad can print.  Now I can print wirelessly!!!  Oh, and Dad showed me off his new tech toy.  He got a wireless backup camera to use with the camper!  Its pretty slick, wireless, and the camera magnets onto the truck.  I guess he was having problems backing up to the new camper in the spot he's got it living.

Now I'm off to watch TV and relax.