Speed Testing

I decided to do some testing on my internet connection concerning speeds.  According to Time Warner Cable, I'm paying for 20 Mbps down, and 2 Mbps up.  

For my test, I've chosen two different speed tests.  Time Warner Cable's own Speed Test, and TestMy.net, an independent test, that DOESN'T use flash 😀

Lets see how the speed test results come out:

Time Warner Speed Test:  21 Down, 2 Up

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 7.07.59 PM

TestMy.net Test: 13 Down, 1.7 Up

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 6.58.21 PM

I think we're pretty safe in assuming the Time Warner test is pretty biased here.  It's pretty ridiculous really. 

Oh, and TestMy.net does a sweet average thing: