The madness starts again

Ever wanted a chance to see inside the madness that is my addiction to Minecraft?  Now is your chance!  I've started working on an entirely new city, and I'm going to attempt to document its construction.  Its still in the same world as all my other places, which is named Alpha.  Yeah, I know, the name kinda sucks, but its the first world I made on the first day I bought the game, I never intended it to be long-lasting.

The new city is named Southron (pronounced sow-thrun), and is located on the far southern shore of my continent.  It sits at the head of a large bay, on the largest ocean we've mapped out in my world to date.

So far I've only built a large plaza and large hall with columns for a city hall. Below is an aerial view with some markups 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 8.05.31 PMThe big white chunk is the City Plaza and White Hall (city hall).  The black line is a rough outline of the extents of what I plan building. The cyan rectangle will be the Royal Palace, as this city will be capital of my fourth kingdom. The dark blue square will be some sort of temple structure. The long red rectangle will be a massive harbor. This will be a large port city.

All the buildings will be made of Quartz, and I'm dubbing this "The White City".  I'm gonna make everythign pretty white and shiny.  

Anyways, that's all for now.  More updates to hopefully come soon.  And yes, I might be a little crazy.