So I sit down to do my first test video in Minecraft.  I have now learned that the new version of iMovie is pretty neat, and has an awesome built-in feature to add to YouTube. As long as you don't have a Google Apps account, which I do.  I can only upload to my main account, I can't access any other channels.  Apparently if I had a "real" google account, I could setup a login for such things and it would work fluidly.  Curse them for once again screwing those of us who have Google Apps accounts.  I mean, seriously, why can't we have all the features that everyone else has??

I guess I'm off to create a new Google account simply for this damn youtube channel.

Why don't I just export the video and upload it manually you ask?  Well, that would be because they've dumbed iMovie down so much, it has next to NO options when exporting.  Which means I can't optimize it for YouTube properly, unless I use the built-in feature, which I can't.