Well don’t that beat all.

So, in my infinite boredom, I decided to finally take care of the mess that was Woodbluff.  About a year ago, Craig played around in my world.  My backup failed, and I got stuck with the madness he inflicted.  Aside from a massive crater where he had FAR too much fun with TNT, he half-demolished my tree city, Woodbluff.  He tried to light it on fire, burn it, and released lava in several locations.  Being at the top of a high bluff, the lava flowed. and flowed and flowed and flowed.  Then he decided to put it out with water.  Which turned it all into massive columns and flows of cobblestone.  Destroyed half my city.  

Afterwards, I decided to keep it as it was, semi-ruins of a larger city, with a small village still there.  Today I decided to finally tackle removing the tons of cobblestone. I needed a mindless task after my day at work.  You won't believe what I found underneath the stone.

OCELOTS.  about 400 hundred of them.  It had me baffled for awhile, how they all got under there. Then it hit me.  The "incident" with the lava happened BEFORE ocelots were in the game.  The way the lava flowed down, it left all kinds of pockets underneath.  I found the remnants of quite a few trees too.  I'm guessing once they added ocelots, they spawned naturally in those damn crevices. 

I'm seriously not exaggerating about the 400 either.  Woodbluff is now OVERRUN with ocelots.  I'm afraid we're gonna need to go on an ocelot hunt.