(Witty Google+ Title Not Found)

In my boredom this evening, I decided to poke around on Google+ for a bit.  I have to admit, I never use it.  Mostly because nobody else does!  When it first came out, I love the concept, the idea, something that wasn't Facebook!  But it never took off 🙁  I don't understand why everyone has to hate on Google+.  Its what Facebook should be. Social networking, without all the stupid ridiculous games/apps/madness.  

But, I digress. I figured I'd give it a bit of a try again, see if I was missing anything.  Turns out that out of all the people I've added to "my circles", I only see posts from 4 people.  Yep, four.  Its not worth the effort to even look at it lol.  

Anyways, thats all. I'm gonna stick with Facebook, and my semi-use of Twitter.