Thanksgiving 2013

I spent a little mini-vacation in Milo with my parents for Thanksgiving.  We had a great meal, just the 3 of us.  Then we spent 3 days unpacking and setting up Christmas in the Barden household.  So… many… Santas…  My Dad has been collecting Santa's for YEARS now.  Its gotten quite out of hand.  We even reclaimed more shelf space than normal in the kitchen this year just to accomdate them all!  Also froze my nether regions off outdoors putting up christmas lights with Dad.  

I got back to Searsport last night, and spent today putting up my own Christmas 🙂  I found the pictures I took last Christmas, and realized I haven't rearranged my furniture since last December. I was overdue for a change.  My apartment has a much better layout now.  More defined living room, table is actually in the kitchen, that sorta thing.