Seth: 0, Windows: 1

I sat down this afternoon with the simple project of reloading Windows onto my MacBook Pro.  As you may recall, my hard drive died, and I had to replace it.  The Mac side is all setup and working nicely, just need to shoe-horn Windows back in there.  

Not as simple as one would think, naturally.  Ages ago, I found a method to get 64bit Windows on my MacBook. Usually, one can only run 32 bit.  It takes some finagling to get 64 bit on.  So complex as to involve modifying the install media, which has a large label on it that says MAC ONLY. According to my instructions, booting a PC from it will break the PC.

But I digress.  My current problem is the DVD has become too scratched for my laptop to boot from.  Naturally, I didn't save the original ISO it was create from. Of course. I'm currently trying to recover the scratched DVD, so I can burn a new copy.  If this doesn't work, I'll have to see if I can find the instructions again (which I'm sure I didn't keep a copy of), and start all over.  

I'm beginning to wonder if its even worth DOING.  I hardly ever use Windows, its just nice to have in an emergency (which DO arise).  Maybe I should just try out Parallels or Fusion or one of the other emulator-ish methods…..

**bangs head into desk**