I went to Milo this evening to run a live webcam at the Fishing Derby Prize Drawing.  It went decently ok, although we had some issues with the Library's wireless network and had use wifi from my phone instead, so the quality wasn't as amazing.

And all people can seem to do is complain about how horrible it was, or how dissappointing it was.  Thats just the world for you.

We're sorry the audio wasn't perfect people, but remember, we're doing this as volunteers here. It was still better than nothing, and the results were available online as soon as the drawing was over, just like they always are. (Although it appears the website showed a cached version of the page to some people, and they didn't realize all they had to do was click reload)

So that was my day. Can someone remind me why I still do this stuff when I live an hour and half away?

One Response to Sigh.

  1. Because you love us…and we love you too…that’s why.