Jesus. Tapdancing. Christ.

I hate cell phones.

My new phone came today.  Turned it on, it tries to do this setup bit.  Well, it keeps failing.  So I took it into the Verizon Store in town, and they told me I need to put my old SIM card in the new phone.  

Only one problem there, my old SIM is the wrong size.  So I need a new SIM card.

But to DO that, I need the bloody password for the business account, as my phone is through work, and I don't have it.

I spend 15 minutes trying to call someone still at work who would have access to the goddamn thing, but NOBODY would pickup their phone. Probably cuz I was calling from the Verizon office phone.

Why was I doing that you ask?  Oh, because the my old phone refused to find a goddamn network.  Now that I'm home, I see why. The idiot verizon guy put SIM card back in my old phone UPSIDEDOWN.


Ok, I feel a little better now.  Still want to kick random people though.