Streaming Webcam Madness

This morning I ran a live streaming webcam of the Black Fly Festival Parade in Milo.  Lord, was it a fiasco.

To start the day off, my tent/awning thing was unavailable.  I thought it was in my parent’s garage for the winter, but I was sorely mistaken.  That just set the mood for the day off to a bad start.

I got everything physically setup, and immediately had internet connection issues.  Google wouldn’t load!  I needed to use Google Plus Hangouts to do this camera, so this posed a serious issue.  After switching networks and clearing my cache out, it started working.  I had intended to use the Milo Library’s wireless for internet, but once again it failed me.  This past February it failed me horribly when I was running the webcam for the Fishing Derby Prize Drawing.  I guess I need to stop trying to use it for these things.  Ended up running the internet through my phone.  It worked well enough.

Then the next problem reared its ugly head. Any time something passed in front of the webcam, it washed out to almost pure white.  And naturally, the only way to fix it was to unplug the camera and reset it, which obviously wouldn’t play well with a streaming anything. Apparently it was just too damn bright out.

After screwing with that for 5 minutes, we started to hear the parade coming down the road.  We went to plan B.  Wait, or are we at D now?  I’ve lost track.  But we used my laptop’s built in camera, which made setting it up to run quite a process.  There’s some lovely footage of me arguing with Aerock at the beginning of the video.

In the end, I have no idea how many people watched it. I couldn’t see the number with the glare, or without standing directly in front of the camera.  We do have the video on YouTube, so there’s at least that.

Here’s the link if anyone wants to watch.