Ah Minecraft, we meet again

I’ve finally jumped back into Minecraft.  Motivation found me somewhere this week it appears.

For my warm-up project, I’m (wait for it)…… expanding Imperial City.  Hahahah.  Yes, I know, it’s too big already.  But I have this plan to build fully operational gates, and there just wasn’t room the way the north side was configured.  I’m moving the gate to the bridge that was slightly north of the gate.  Gives the city a small beach area, and lets me expand the grossly-undersized school.  The blue in the pictures below shows the outline of my planned new school building. The building it overlaps is the current school. You can see its going to be quite larger.

I built the old school when the city was much, MUCH smaller.  Its just too small now.  I can’t seem to stop myself from expanding this damn city!  At least they’ll have a nice new “Halls of Learning” 🙂

2014-06-14_18.21.17 2014-06-14_18.34.27