Denbar Wall Project Update

I’ve been busy busy busy.  The first pic below shows my progress in Imperial City.  I’m all gung-ho with the wall reconstruction project now.  You can see the new school (from my previous post) in the middle left (the huge building).  You can also see my two new gates, the two sets of twin blue-topped towers. I’m quite proud of these, as the gates are fully functional, AND AUTOMATED!  They are open during the day, and automatically close at sundown, opening again at sunrise. The new outer wall between them is thicker and taller than the previous one.  Its also a straight damn line, as opposed to the weaving mess I had before.  This also gives me a bit of room to to expand the city (only slightly).

The second pic shows my map of the city, with the new wall on the right-hand side.  The last pic shows the next portion of my project.  The back-side of the city wall. It wraps up around some cliffs, and is more of just a simple elevated walkway than it wall.  It connects the outer wall back to the South Fort, at the base of the castle (top of it can be seen on the left-hand side).  I’ve gotta figure out how to widen and straighten this wall out without doing too much damage to the Monastery it wraps around.  More to follow 🙂

2014-06-16_23.32.48 2014-06-16_23.40.14