West Wall Construction

I’ve managed to wall in the area that will be behind the new West Gate. The gate is just a frame right now, I need to build the inner workings still.  The wall wraps up around the cliff side, and then up on to the opposite hill.  The map at the bottom shows the new area walled in on the left side.

This WILL be the final expansion of the city.  At least area-wise.  Theres just no where else I CAN expand.  Theres a hillside north of where I am now, but its pretty much inaccessible from the rest of the city. Not to mention, building a wall around it would be ridiculous.  I think we’ve finally hit the true limits of this city.
2014-06-24_23.08.35 2014-06-24_23.08.56 2014-06-24_23.12.35