Weekend Report

I had a great weekend.  I went down to my Uncle Jon and Aunt Debbie’s in Poland Springs and pitched a tent on their lawn. My parents brought their shiny camper.  They live right on Lower Range Pond, and its beautiful there.  On Saturday, we all traveled down to Kittery for the annual Fitch Family Reunion.  Got to see all the distant relatives, and gorge myself on amazing food.  Spent Saturday evening lounging by the pond.

I drove home today, and took the scenic route.  A) I didn’t want to pay the ridiculous $1.75 toll on the Turnpike again, and B) I had nothing better to do than go for a drive.  I was very brave, and drove through Lewiston.  A large portion of it.  Holy crap, does it go on forever!  I took Route 126 out through the depths of Lewiston, and followed it to the end somehwere in Lincoln County.  Then I drove a ways and hit a route that comes near Belfast.  Along the way, I surprised myself and randomly drove by a store Craig and I stopped at in South Monmouth a few times many years ago.  I also got to see a good bit of Maine that I’d never really been through.

Then when I got home, the button finally came off my shorts. It had been loose for some time 🙁  But Mom, you’ll be proud of me.  I successfully used the re-discovered sewing kit and sewed it back on!  I give it a few days before I need to do a better job haha.

Still a good weekend though 🙂