Brilliant Idea

I had a brilliant idea this morning!  I have this DVD I made several years back, of all the band concerts my Dad had recorded over the years.  Recently, I was trying to make a copy of said DVD, when my computer informed me that it had copy protection, and I couldn’t do so.  I found this kind of odd, as I have no memory of putting any kind of copy protection on it.  So I figured whatever, I’ll have to rip them and burn a new DVD.

But then the brilliant idea struck me.  I’m going to attempt uploading them to YouTube!  I have a YouTube account sitting there gathering dust, why not use it.  Then I don’t need to make DVDs for people, linking is so much simpler!

Not sure how well it will work out though… the quality is sub-par.  I mean, we’re talking an old-school shoulder-mount VHS camcorder here.

But we will see 🙂