The Great YouTube Debate

While sitting here waiting for massive chunks of the ITE website to upload (part of a large web migration project, I might write about it later), I’ve been toying around with some things on my website and beyond.

I currently have 2 YouTube accounts…. And I’m debating if I should just use one.  I’ve had my own personal one for years now, but there’s one hitch with it.  Its so old, it predates Google buying YouTube, so its stuck with my non-google username.  LlamasinDisguise.  It really doesn’t bother me, its still an awesome username.  But at one point, I wanted to try and get my Minecraft videos out there, and didn’t want it under LlamasinDisguise.  I decided to jump through some flaming hoops, and then over a row of busses, etc etc, and setup a MentokMinecraftr account.

The one thing I’ve discovered, is my new account has had hardly ANYONE view it.  The vids have like 4-20 views and whatnot.  On my old account, 4 subscribers, and almost 4,000 views.  I’m thinking it would make more sense to just put the Minecraft videos onto my original account, and make a sub-section for it.  It would be MUCH simpler to manage too, as the other account requires me to log into a different gmail.  (I had this whole evil issue with Google Apps not being able to have multiple youtube blah blah blahs.  It was quite infuriating.)

Anyone got an opinion?