Seth’s Healthcare Debacle -OR- 5 Million Lines of Evil

Here be the tale of my epic battle with, and the copious amounts of evil there-in.

Like every other American, I had to re-enroll for my insurance coverage at  It was a horrible, horrible spectacle.  The madness began with the absurdity of some of the questions I had to answer.  For starters, I’m a single person applying for coverage, and one of the first questions is whether I’m a US Citizen.  After stating that I am, I was subsequently asked if I was recenty adopted, or if my emigration status had recently changed.  I found this odd, as I already said yes I’m a citizen, and obviously I wasn’t recently adopted if I’m applying for my own coverage.  I was then asked if I planned on filing a tax return in 2015.  I never knew it was an option!

I eventually made it through the application form, and made a horrible discovery.  I made a bit more money this year than I had originally “predicted” when first applying.  This means I’m most likely going to have to pay in a couple hundred dollars to make up the difference, as I don’t qualify for the amount of “help” that was previously determined.

This also means that next year, my plan is going to cost a hell of a lot more.  Last year I originally qualified for $130/month in assistance, but next year its going to be under $80 a month. Its ridiculous!

In the end, I downgraded from a Silver Plan to a Bronze Plan, and I end up paying about $1.50 more a month than I was last year.

Hooray for healthcare.