New Gadget: USB Microphone

I am the proud new owner of a USB Microphone, picture below.  I’m hoping this will help with the horrible audio issues I ran into last year at the Prize Drawing for the Schoodic Lake Ice Fishing Derby.  I’ve broadcast the event live on TRC for quite a few years now, but the last few years we ran into some pretty horrid sound issues.  The built-in mic on my usb webcams just haven’t been cutting it.  This is a nice looking microphone!

I’m actually contemplating buying a nicer webcam to go with it now.  I currently have a pretty decent one I picked up at work, but it failed me this past summer when trying to broadcast a parade outdoors.  It had some issues with white balance, and washing out to white when encountering reflections.  I think a nice new Logitech camera might be in order…