New Minecraft Photo Albums

I finally sat down and started getting some updated photos of my different Kingdoms in Alpha!  So far we’ve got all of my finished locations except for the Denbarian Empire, which I’m going to do an album for each Province.

[pe2-image src=”//” href=”″ caption=”The Kingdom of Westvale” type=”image” alt=”2015-03-24_20.03.52.png” ]
Kingdom of Westvale

[pe2-image src=”//” href=”″ caption=”The Great Desert” type=”image” alt=”2015-03-24_20.32.14.png” ]
The Great Desert

[pe2-image src=”//” href=”″ caption=”Kingdom of Calumdorn” type=”image” alt=”2015-03-24_21.42.53.png” ]
Kingdom of Calumdorn

[pe2-image src=”//” href=”″ caption=”City-State of Zaldrin” type=”image” alt=”2015-03-24_22.26.38.png” ]
City-State of Zaldrin