The Empire is evolving

The Denbarian Empire is evolving.  I’ve decided my main nation, the aforementioned Empire, is peacefully expanding and encompassing the majority of my kingdoms on the main continent.  The Empire will henceforth be known as the Imperial Republic of Denbar.  The Emperor will still rule, but I’m creating an Imperial Senate to advise him.  I’m going full on Roman here 🙂

The other Kingdoms and City-States are being incorporated into the Empire as new Provinces.  They will keep their monarchs and lords as the Provincial rulers, which makes everyone happy.

The Provinces:

  • Royal Province
  • Central Province (formerly Southern)
  • Northern Province
  • Desert Province
  • Province of Westvale
  • Province of Calumdorn
  • Province of Zaldrin
  • Province of Pyke