Minecraft Planning

I spent the weekend updating my Minecraft Page and planning out my next projects.  I’ve had several projects planned out on my long-term list for awhile now, but most of them were quite vaque, and I have finished all my fleshed-out ideas.

I’ve been looking forward to building a far-away, grander place.  When I first built Southron, it was intended to have a far-away feel to it, but ended up being way too close geographically. (I’m bad at judging distances till I map it out)

I had labeled a large frozen continent to the far east as “Frozen Land of Nador” quite some time ago, and have a vague idea of an ice-themed city I wanted to build there. Last night, I finally picked a location for its City-State – Arthur’s Crossing.

Now, for all you nerds, there’s a reason behind my naming choices.  When I first discovered this frozen land, I was watching Monty Python’s Holy Grail.  In it, someone utters the line “Arthur crossed the frozen land of Nador”, and it stuck in my head.  I named the region Nador, and the city will be Arthur’s Crossing 🙂

This is probably my most insane project to date. It would involve de-constructing, nay, pretty much leveling three or more structures at Cair Denbar (my first, biggest, oldest castle).

The oldest section of Cair Denbar was built as one keep, and has grown and expanded on its own, off on its separate mountaintop.  When I turned the corner onto the second mountaintop during the original construction, I decided to expand in phases and build separate buildings/structures.  This has worked for a long time, but I’ve run out of room, and some places are starting to feel a bit cramped.

My plan would be to level the majority of the buildings on the second mountain, and construct one new building. One singular keep.  I can better utilize the available space, move the towers, make it bigger and grander.

I’m just a bit nervous…  This would be the largest project I’ve taken on at Cair Denbar in a few years.  I’ve done updates and moved things around a bit, but nothing on par with rebuilding an entire set of buildings from the sub-basement up.