Cair Denbar: A Look Back

Construction of Cair Denbar began on the first day I purchased Minecraft.  It started out pretty small, but within one week I have built nearly half the current complex.  Over the last three years it has been constantly developed and reworked, culminating in the most recent major overhaul.

I’ve compiled a little collection of pictures here that show the development of Cair Denbar over the past 3+ years.

Cair Denbar: The Royal Keep

The Royal Keep is the oldest portion of the castle, built on the first day I played Minecraft. It has become the private home of the royal family.

Cair Denbar: First Hall

First hall was quite obviously the first real hall in the castle. Originally it doubled as throne room and dining hall, until the Great Hall was built.

Cair Denbar: Chapel on High

The Chapel on High was the first church I constructed in Alpha. It isn’t very big, but its my favorite.  It recently got moved 2 blocks to the north to accomodate the new construction project. The Chapel also got a nice new tower.

Cair Denbar: North Gate

The North Gate began as a simple built gate, and was eventually upgraded to a fully-functioning redstone gate.

Cair Denbar: Great Hall

My Throne Room started out quite modest, then got a bit bigger and grander.  The current version has been expanded quite a bit and feels MUCH grander now.

Cair Denbar: From the South

The view from the south has always been impressive.  It’s the cliff. It just does it.  This view shows how the various towers have changed over the years.

Cair Denbar: From the North

This is the best view of the entire complex.  These picutres show how the castle started out alone on the mountain, and then the town sprang out in front of it, and slowly grew down the mountain into the monstrosity that is now Imperial City.