Imperial City: The Next Expansion

After a lot of thinking it over, my next project is going to be in Imperial City.  I really want to work on Arthur’s Crossing next, but I sit here and stare at it, and I just can’t figure out how or where to start. It won’t come to me.  I sit here and stare at Imperial City, and all kinds of things come to me.  I guess it’s a sign that its time.

Originally this was to be called the LAST expansion, but I’ve decided to stop kidding myself.  I doubt this city will ever stop growing.  The next expansion is the low area and slope up the mountains to the west of the city.  I plan to build up the slope to the crest of the mountain and built an outer wall up there. Its pretty steep on the other side already.  I’m also thinking of building a new fortress at the upper portion of the mountain for my empire’s air force 🙂  Yes, we have airships.  I also want to include some small temples for my other religions, as they’re all included in the Empire now.

This project will also involve leveling most of one of the older areas of my city.  Westbluff Square still has a large group of tiny old buildings, with low ceilings etc.  I’ve replaced similar buildings all over the city.  The only other neighborhood of smaller buildings left was covered over and made into a sort of slums.  Westbluff was meant as an upper-class kind of neighborhood, so it definitely needs some bigger homes.

Purple shows the new area
Magenta shows the new area