Decisions, decisions

I’m trying to spruce up a bit, and I’ve worked myself into a corner.  I want to make the main menu less insane, essentially by taking all the Minecraft stuff out and making a sub menu.  I’m just having tons of issues getting the menu to look and/or operate in a fashion that I agree with.

I’m now debating whether I should look for a whole new theme, or split my website into 3 websites.  A new theme would work, but I honestly like this theme, and its currently still being updated.  I’m thinking maybe I should split Minecraft and WayFar into their own sub-domains.  WayFar had its own once upon a time, so it isn’t like this idea is totally in left field.

I could also setup a sub-site for Minecraft, using some shiny Minecraft themes I found.  And honestly, WayFar probably should have its own site again. I could develop it a bit more, and make it look more professional.  The main site would remain my blog and contact info, the others would just be simple sites with informational pages 🙂

I’m just not so sure I want to run three separate installs of WordPress.  Maybe I can do something with multisite….