Long Day of Web Design

I spent nearly all of today at the computer overhauling my website. We won’t talk about the 2 hours I spent reloading Windows 10.

WayFar Design has a brand new website. It’s all finished, and even connected to Facebook! It was a good bit of work, but I’m quite happy with it. 

I’ve started working on a new site for Minecraft: Alpha. It’s barely under construction, but some key elements are there. I need to move a lot of content over. I may even take the opportunity to update all the pictures.

I’m debating on what to do with my archive of Minecraft posts here. It may be possible to copy them, but bringing all the old pictures is a staggering nightmare. I may just leave it all here and link back to it. 

I do plan to make all future Minecraft-related posts on the new site. It will also get a shiny new Facebook page where all the posts will be shared automatically!