• Webcam Update

    I guess it was supposed to have the stuff I’m missing in the box. They’re gonna send me another one that’ll be opened and inspected, and have me ship this one back. Blah….

  • Ugh….

    Outdoor housing for the camera showed up today.  Now you see, when I ordered it, the housing I wanted was out of stock, so they switched it with a third-party one, that they assured me, ASSURED ME, would work with the camera I ordered.

    Well, I just got it all opened up and taken out, and get this:
    A. It has a power cord, but no power adapter.  i.e. no way to plug it in.
    B.  The power connector on the inside is too big to fit in the camera I have.

    Seth is not a happy camper….  They ASSURED me my camera would work in this stupid thing.  I’m looking on their website, and can find hardly ANY information about this, let alone anything at all about spare parts, or different adapters.


  • Schoodic Lake Webcam

    Sometime next week I’ll be installing the new Schoodic Lake Webcam.  I’ve got the camera, just waiting on the outdoor housing to get here.  This new camera is an Axis 211W, our first wireless webcam!

    It will be on the south shore of Schoodic Lake, in Lake View Plantation, with a gorgeous view of the lake and Mt. Katahdin.  As with all the other TRC webcams, it will update every 5 seconds and archive every five minutes.

    Should be an interesting install….  We’re putting the camera on a boathouse, and it will be right up over open water.  Just pray that we don’t drop the thing in the lake while we’re setting it up…  far too expensive for that.

  • Job Search Update

    Still looking for work…. Been unemployed for over a year and half now.  Its pretty sad when you get right down to it.  There just aren’t any jobs out there.  I’ve been applying my ass off, and I have a pretty tall stack of rejection letters to prove it.  Every one of them says they found someone more qualified.  The best one of all was from UMF.  The Institution that GAVE me my degree, won’t even hire me.  I wonder if I can get a refund on my college degree….

  • New Beginnings

    I’ve decided to change Sethen.com around, once again.  Sethen Technologies will be changing to WayFar Design in the near future.  Its all part of a new business venture I’m calling WayFar Enterprises.  Don’t ask, long story, I even have a partner!

    Its all kinda a way of enacting my new outlook on life.  I need to start over new.  Still not sure how or where, but I’m working on it.

    More to come later 🙂