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  • Genealogy Strikes Back

    Whilst in Milo today, I got a lead in my genealogy research!  Dad had dug out an old genealogy that had been given to my grandfather in 1995 from some distant cousins, as their research involved some of our ancestors.  I got looking into it, and found that the linking family was the Dolans, the one I'm most interested in researching.

    Michael Dolan (my father's name-sake) was born in Ireland in 1790. As the family story goes, he immigrated to Milo, Maine (of all places) during a potato famine.  I've been trying to find records of him, where he came from, and his ancestors, but with no luck, as I was working off the dates of the potato famine.  I had always been under the impression that his wife, Tamson, had come from Ireland with him. This was WRONG. 

    In the genealogy that Dad found, it had more information.  Tamson's maiden name was Harding, and she was born in Prospect, Maine!  This means I need to drastically adjust my time frame for his immigration. Their first kid was born around 1830, so he had to have come here sometime before that.

    The roadblock in front of me now is the immigration records I need are on Ancestry.com.  I think I need to finally give in and get a damn account.  I just hate the idea of paying $20 a month for access to their crap.  Think I'm finally seeing that if I want to be serious about this, I'm going to have to break down and get the account.  It will help me by leaps and bounds, I know.  I'm just stubborn.

  • Annoying Dilemma

    Whilst digging through my genealogy crap, I realized like 2-3 years ago I made a big breakthrough, connecting Frederick Barden back to a line of other Bardens, starting with his supposed father Stephen Barden.  Well, I forgot to make any reference of WHERE I found that tidbit of information.  I know I wouldn't have entered all that crap in if I wasn't at least pretty sure it was a real connection.  But now, I can't remember…  And its been driving me crazy for like 3 hours now.  I've scoured the internet and given myself a headache.  Its just bugging me that I can't even find a slight hint of the connection.  As far as the internet and history are concerned, Frederick Barden walked into Dover, Massachusetts out of nowhere, with no family.  But SOMEWHERE I found the name Stephen connected, and the dates / ages lined up.  Once upon a time.

    Sigh, that is all for now.  Back to uploading Google Map Data.