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  • New City: Elsewhere

    I’ve been working on a new city since I retired Dolan. I have named it Elsewhere.  It is actually part of a trilogy of maps I have plans for 🙂  The other two are Somewhere and Nowhere.  Yes, its a theme.

    Elsewhere is built on a spit of land between a large lake and an ocean bay.  I’ve fully embraced my love for Monorails here.  I have four main lines coming out from the city center, and then a long one connecting the island on one side to the airport on the other.

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  • Cities: Skylines – Dolan

    A sad day has come.  I have to retire/abandon the first city I’ve built in Cities: Skylines.  I actually hit the in-game limitation on the number of buildings. (I was also rapidly approaching the limits for roads and intersections as well.  The city was just TOO big.  I had made it very dense, and just kept making it bigger. I had plans to keep going, but I’ve had to scrap it all now.  I can’t place any type of building anymore. I’d need to go back and remove/redo half the city to be able to continue, and I don’t want to go there. I’ve grown attached to the poor city as it is.

    The worst part was that I spent over an hour yesterday updating the “Old City”, adding some kewl towers and castle walls.  Then I went to build my next suburb, and ran into the building limit issue.

    Here are some pictures of the city to commemorate its retirement.

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  • Cities: Skylines – The Overdue Post

    So I’ve been meaning to post about Cities: Skylines for over a month now.  I had intended to document the growth of my city, but that ship has long sailed.

    My city currently has a population just above 700,000.  It is enormous!  I really don’t feel like recapping its construction to this point, it could take FAR too long.  Here are some pictures from a few days ago.

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