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  • Spain is mine

    I conquered Spain today.  It was glorious.  My ally, the Incas, helped immensely.  In the end, Isabella had one city left on a 1×1 island off in the middle of nowhere. I left her with it, figuring she can’t cause much trouble.  She’s my vassal now anyways.

    Next up, I plan to invade the Native Americans.  They’re just to the south of me, and getting grumpy over our close borders.  I figure I can conquer all of their mainland holdings, and just leave him with his two small overseas colonies.  Then I’ll be pretty set.  Tune in tomorrow for more!

  • I now run the world.

    Just as was preparing for a war to conquer Spain, I made a permanent alliance with Incas! We’re now #1 and #2. I conquered Spain, and they are now my bitch. I also control 95% of the new world.

    Next up, we’re going to conquer the native americans. They’re the only nation not on a side now. Rome conquered Japan and Korea years back. He’s still my friend, but everyone else is connected to me directly. I will run the world!

  • 1859 AD – Turn 878

    I have just prepared myself for war.  I’ve settled 90% of the new world, and the other civs have found it so I guess the push to expand is now over.  I’ve decided its time to wipe out the infidels for good.  I can now build Infantry, most everyone else doesn’t HAVE gunpowder yet, and I’m all poised to go into massive military production.

    Wish me luck.

  • I found the Holy Mountain!

    Ongoing Holy War is progressing… I’m keeping my nose out of it and letting my Christian Minions do the dirty work (they’re between me and the Infidels).  Whilst they were busy killing each other in the name of their respective God(s), I was playing Columbus and discovering the new world.  Where I found the “Holy Mountain”, and settled a city which made all Christians in the game extremely happy.  Now I’m working on converting all production over to boats, settlers, and missionaries so I can settle this new continent.

    More to come…

  • Sethen, begin again.

    Ran into some massive issues with my first game.  Made a few ridiculous mistakes early on, as it HAS been over a year since I’ve played.  Installed the game on Dad’s laptop so I could play a little better (his is much faster than mine), and started over.  Reduced the number of opponents (so the land doesn’t run out so dang fast), and fixed the early-on mistakes I made last time.

    Made it further so far, doing pretty good!  I’m leading a Christian-based alliance in a massive, reoccuring holy war with the Confucianists, who are led by Spain.  Its getting pretty grizzly.  Christians are winning so far, so I’m not too worried.